Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Hope In Action gift catalogue. Take a few moments now to choose a special gift for yourself or to honour a loved one or friend. Each gift you send from this catalogue can bring joy, hope and new life to children, families and even entire communities. Partners International puts your gift to work through local Christian agencies that share and demonstrate God’s love in the world’s difficult places, often in a context of poverty.

Together, we feed children, help women start small businesses, provide clean water and establish churches that will care for entire communities. Partners International is a registered Canadian charity and every gift is fully tax deductible. For more than 50 years, we have been careful stewards of each donation as we have helped to pioneer the concept of global mission partnership.

Your gifts make a lasting difference in the lives of families, communities and our local partners, many of whom have grown to become highly-effective, self-sustaining organizations in their own right. Send a gift of hope from this catalogue today!

Thank you,

David Hunt

Interim President,

Partners International Canada