The story of Judith Akinyi Ykiaya, School matron in CTM High School, Kakamega.

“God works in His own way and His way is different than our ways.” Judith acknowledged that God has been guiding her path in life. Judith grew up in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum in Kenya. In Kibera, people lack basic life necessities like living space, clean water, toilets and electricity. Judith’s mother was the only income support for the family. As a young girl, Judith studied hard because she knew that education was the only way out from the entrapment of poverty. But, her mother’s untimely death left her heart broken and orphaned. PI’s local partner Changing Times Ministry (CTM) stepped in and supported Judith until she finished high school. Judith received just enough money from some Christian friends to enroll on the first term of university. But, by God’s providence, Judith finished university in 2015 and she became a high school teacher.

In January 2017, Partners International with CTM completed the construction of a new High School in Western Kenya. Many Kiberan children left the slum for the first time to study in the new school. Judith felt the love of God compelled her to give back to the education of many poor and at risk children from the slums. Now Judith works as the school matron in the CTM High School teaching and caring for many students.

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