Report from China

With your help we were able to provide digital Bibles in the form of MP3 Players to remote villages in the poor mountain areas. The digital Bibles brought much encouragement to the people in this area.

Ribbon Ministries went to 3 places and gave out 200 digital Bible players to believers and non-believers. Two villages they approached are poor mountain areas. Ribbon ministry does this to encourage migrant workers who live in rural areas and may not have a church to attend. Many also cannot read so the written Word is more difficult for them to know.

Brother H explains it well:

“We have very limited resources here and we do not have a pastor or a local church. Now with the Mp3 player, we have access to the whole Bible and hundreds of worship songs, Bible stories and sermons, and some of them are even in our local language! We can now listen to them when we are farming or walking several hours on the mountain road. The MP3 player is like a mobile church to us!”

In addition to the MP3 player distribution, Ribbon Ministries and its team throughout the month of April continued to serve and will continue to serve people in their community with HIV including providing micro loans to help them have a source of income as well as provide counselling and a safe place to receive medication. They also focus in on prevention and awareness and run programs for young people to educate them on the HIV/AIDS issue that seems to be increasingly growing in the area.

Here are some more impact results over the course of one year at Ribbon Ministries:

  • 400+ volunteers
  • 3133 people were tested for HIV in their facility
  • 83 of those tested positive and were put on a support program
  • 358 patients are seen regularly for counselling


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