Pakistan – Story of Freedom Pakistan

We have found committed, hard working people to work as evangelists in their respective areas. One remarkable thing happened that we were able to recruit a female evangelist also. This was an historical thing in the Hindu community as no Christian group to our knowledge had taken a lady from the tribal community to work as evangelist to their own communities. Hiraan Ginya is having success in working among the women. This is making us think to encourage more women to join as female evangelists and community development workers. We have been able to make contact with more than 109 communities and 20 brick kilns just through the Pakistan Freedom Project. 
Exploitative working conditions keep landless farmers and brick kiln workers in perpetual poverty. Our partner in Pakistan developed an effective strategy to emancipate these oppressed people. We call the program,’Freedom Pakistan’. Freedom Pakistan involves 12 field staff serving 10 brick kilns and 15 farming communities in 5 regions. The field staff have already established themselves in the places through their holistic service. Experience in these contexts shows that successful emancipation is a path. Freedom Pakistan walk people through that path from exploitation to emancipation.
Core activities include:
  • literacy program
  • education on labour and industrial laws
  • paralegal advice
  • financial management seminars
  • household food security program (includes kitchen gardens, poultry and livestock)
  • healthcare program (teaching on illness prevention and hygiene, some areas include a mobile clinic)
  • Evangelism and discipleship
  • Microloans for business ventures
  • Fair share farms
  • Brick kiln emancipation program
  • Protecting persecuted Christians
Omid* is a young man who was given a small loan of Rs 3,700 ($40). The loan enabled him to start a small business to go on his bicycle from village to village and street to street to sell his products. God was on his side so the very first day of his business Omid came home with a sale of Rs 1,600 ($17.25). He thanked God for this great day. The successive days were as successful as the first day. He felt that the success was so great that he was able to repay his loan in about ten days. We were amazed and praised God along with him. He was soon able to buy his own motorcycle and elevate the status of his family. He has become a role model for the community.” – a worker from our Pakistan partner

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