October: Meet Bhim Lal from Nepal

This month we are going to Nepal!

Capital: Kathmandu
Population: 27.8 million
Language: Nepali, there are approximately 123 other local languages and dialects
Religions: Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim

Nepal has eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including the highest: Mount Everest

This month you are helping Bhim Lal, a national worker from our partner, Good Friends of Nepal in Nepal

Good Friends of Nepal
Partner since 1999

GFN serves remote, mountainous regions of the country of Nepal serving all people through holistic ministry. There is great need and growing poverty in the country and specifically these mountainous areas. People are also still recovering from the 2015 earthquake and need both physical support but also spiritual and emotional support which are provided through the local GFN workers in these areas.

Meet Bhim Lal

Bhim Lal is a national worker and the director of Good Friends of Nepal. He has a heart for the people of Nepal. He is a gracious and humble leader in his community and has opened his door to those in need including orphans and those who are caste from society as outsiders. He expands his work through training others each year and sending them out to serve communities across Nepal that need love and support. Bhim and his wife, Kalpana are well respected and are committed to doing all that God has called them to do, bringing God’s love to the country of Nepal every day.

Bhim Lal’s Testimony

“I was born and brought up in a Buddhist family.  It was at the age of 15 that I heard the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ for the first time from my Uncle.  Later on, due to the persecution of the believers in my village, my uncle migrated to Gorkha district.  However, he kept on visiting us from time to time and shared the love of God and his son Jesus Christ, who died for us.  But we didn’t accept Christ till the death of my younger brother. At that time of sorrow and pain, only the Gospel became real to my family and me when my uncle comforted us from the Word of God.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and Lord.”

PLEASE PRAY: For workers like Bhim Lal and the entire GFN team. May they be encouraged and strengthened in the work they do. Pray that financial needs would be met. And please pray for the country of Nepal – that God’s light would spread across the country and that true healing would take place in communities in a great way.

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