May – Kenya

Capital: Nairobi
Population: 44.35 million (2013)
Main Languages: Swahili and English (they also have a number of indigenous languages)
Major Religions: Christian and Muslim


Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Kipchoge Keino of Kenya (1968, 1972) grew up running 16 miles every single day barefoot just to get to school – he started this routine at the age of 5 years old. At 12 years old, he escaped a cheetah by climbing up a tree and tying himself to it overnight!

This month you are helping George Okoyo, a local leader from our partner in Kenya called Changing Times Ministry.

Changing Times Ministry (CTM)
Partner since 2012

Change Times Ministry (CTM) consists of a team of pastors and evangelists that engage in church planting in Kenya, East Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania. CTM also operates community development programs inside the Kibera slum to bring about a healthy, empowered, and productive living community as God intended. Its work includes a clinic that provides basic health care, a clubfoot centre, HIV care and home visitation to the sick. CTM also runs a kindergarten, preschool, and a primary school inside Kibera. We at Partners International is working with CTM to complete a high school in Eastern Kenya that just opened this year to help the many children in the Kibera slums get a good education and stop the cycle of poverty that they are currently trapped in.

Meet George!

George Okoyo is the leader of Changing Times Ministry. He was born into a poor Kenyan Christian family with nine children. His father and two siblings passed away when he was a child. Then through sponsorship, George completed his high school education, became a teacher, joined the military and obtained an engineering degree in artillery. Success and achievement could not fill the emptiness in George’s heart and his desire for the truth. In an 1985 revival meeting, he surrendered his life totally to God. While still serving in the military, he started to prepare for ministry service through theological studies and received a theological degree in Urban Ministries. With a passion for the poor trapped in the poverty system within the city, he soon worked as an ordained pastor in urban ministry within Nairobi. In 2001, Changing Times Ministry was established in Kibera and George started leading this work to serve and provide hope for the poor in the largest slum in Kenya.

Please Pray for:

1. The completion of the high school building project

2. George and his family as they serve the people of Kenya

3. The Changing Times Ministry team

4. The children in the Kibera slum; for their health, a good education and freedom from generational poverty

5. A revival in Kibera

6. The ongoing projects and programs that Changing Times Ministry does and for the ongoing resources they need

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