March: Peru

  • Capital: Lima
  • Population: 30.38 million (2013)
  • Language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
  • Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant


Modern day Peru has been home to many ancient civilizations, the largest and wealthiest of these was the Incas whose empire ruled for over 100 years until the Spanish arrived in the 16th century.

Needs in Peru

For hundreds of years, the tribal people of the Amazon have been exploited by the majority population of Peru. The communities are also very isolated. Many can only be accessed by boat which take days or months to get to. This kind of isolation creates many problems within the tribes including but not limited to access of basic needs: food, clean water, education, medical care, etc. There also continue to be some tribal regions that have yet to be contacted by the outside world.

This month you are helping to support our partner in Peru called Misión Integral Nativa Del Perú (MINAP) translated as the Holistic Tribal Mission of Peru

Partner since 2006

MINAP is the country’s first missionary-sending agency led by Amazon Indians. They serve the needs of the most remote tribal people hidden in the Amazon jungles. Mostly travelling by boat — and often for months at a time — deep into the jungles of Peru, workers contact tribes and slowly build relationship and trust. Once tribes are contacted, workers are able to assess then minister to the needs of the people. As individuals respond to the hope found in Jesus, churches are formed and community transformation is realized. MINAP’s team works tirelessly with tribes to:

  • meet their basic medical needs
  • introduce income-generating activities
  • share the word of God and plant churches, and
  • provide training programs

PLEASE PRAY for the people of the Amazon as they face the daily struggles of illness, poor living conditions and exploitation and that they would find hope. Pray also for the MINAP workers as they continue to travel for days and weeks at a time motivated by the Gospel and desiring to show the love and hope of Jesus to the tribes they serve.

Peru View of the Amazon from a small plane

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