March – Peru

This month we are going to Peru!

  • Capital: Lima
  • Population: 30,741,062
  • Language: Spanish, Quechua
  • Religions: 94% Christian, 3% other, 3% none


Peru is home to the world’s highest lake, Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia. It sits at 3,812m above sea level.

This month you are helping Brother Eduardo, a national worker from our partner, Misión Integral Nativa Del Perú (MINAP).

Misión Integral Nativa Del Perú
Translated “the Holistic Tribal Mission of Peru”
Partner since 2006

MINAP is the country’s first missionary-sending agency led by Amazon Natives. They serve the needs of the most remote tribal people in the remote areas of the Amazon jungles. Missionaries that work for MINAP give months of their time to take trips up the Amazon River to meet with the remaining unreached people groups along the banks. They make these long and often dangerous trips to share God’s love, provide basic healthcare and education to the tribes. MINAP is also working hard to train leaders of the local churches and native communities, plant churches, and provide opportunities to establish income-generating activities that help support the tribes.

Meet Eduardo

Eduardo has a passion for reaching the unreached and has been in the mission field for over 17 years. He has become the leader of MINAP as the ministry grows and strengthens.

“From my childhood, I did not know about God. I did not follow God’s path during my teenage years, as my parents did not know about God. I almost died when a tree fell on me, but God spared me. He had a purpose for my life. I started to learn about God through my pastor’s messages and from our missionary. Then a preacher came to our town for an evangelistic campaign and it was during this event that I surrendered my life to Christ. It was January 1991 and I was 17 years old. I started to help my local pastor and to participate in Bible studies. After some years, I met my wife and got married. We were both students at Bible College. God blessed us with our three children. The call to serve God involved my whole family. After two years as a pastor I started as a missionary and was assigned to make contact with unreached people groups. I had to learn the language and culture of the tribe in order to help and preach in their language. God is good with all His guidance to accomplish this task. I started as a missionary with very little experience, but I am learning more and more about this task. I have completed my studies and constantly receive advice from pastors and missionaries. Now it is my turn to help and support other groups.  My heart is filled with love and ready to show it to others for them not to waste their lives. This is my desire since my own conversion.”


  • For the ministry of MINAP
  • The recruitment of new MINAP missionaries
  • The current MINAP missionaries that are working in different communities, for their health and encouragement
  • God to provide the resources needed 
  • For the new believers of the Amazonian native churches
  • The different native churches and ethnic groups
  • A greater impact of the Gospel in the communities
  • The spiritual need of the people in the communities

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