June: Nigeria

This month we’re travelling to NIGERIA!

  • Capital: Abuja
  • Population: 173.6 million (2013)
  • Main Languages: English is the official language
    • However, they also have a number of indigenous languages especially in the rural areas of Nigeria
  • Major Religions: Christian and Muslim


Nigeria has the second largest movie industry in the world? Known as Nollywood, they produce more movies than Hollywood in the USA producing up to 200 movies each week.

Nigeria is a complex country with a rich history and a diverse people. It is home to around 500 different ethnic groups, the largest of those being Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. Many of these groups have their own language and religions. There are two main religions practiced in Nigeria which are Christianity and Islam; the majority of Christians living mainly in the south and the majority of Muslims living mainly in the North of the country. In recent years, the North East of the country has been taken over by Boko Haram, an Islamist terrorist movement that uses violence to remove the government system to replace it with their own. Overall Nigeria’s economy is growing but there is a large gap between the rich and poor and the reality for most people is a struggle to survive day by day.

This results in


This month you are helping the work of:
The Evangelizer’s Team Ministries International (TETMI), Nigeria
Partner since 1999

The Evangelizers’ Team Ministries International (TETMI) works among the Ibo-Edda people in southeastern Nigeria. Largely forgotten, the Ibo-Edda live as impoverished subsistence farmers. Typically, their villages do not have schools, so children work in the fields and seldom learn to read and write. The people in this region have no history of gospel witness. TETMI serves the unreached rural people of Nigeria. They have responded to the needs of the neglected Ibo-Edda people with a holistic strategy.


Learn more about TETMI by watching this video:

Please Pray: TETMI and the people of Nigeria need your prayers. Please pray for the safety of workers and children especially at the schools that TETMI runs. Pray for the continued growth of the ministry and the hearts and lives of those that they minister to, so that they would be encouraged and strengthened and that the cycle of poverty for them and their family would come to an end.


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