January: Cuba

Hola! This month we are going to Cuba!
  • Capital: Havana
  • Population: 11.27 million (2013)
  • Main Language: Spanish
  • Major Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant


As a communist country, the government of Cuba has many controls and restrictions on the country and its people within. Access to and from the outside world is limited and items such as vehicles are too expensive and hard to obtain for most Cubans.Though all Cubans receive medical care and a good education through the government, most live in poverty. The church also struggles in Cuba due to many government restrictions including control over internet and telephone lines and needing permission to building a church structure which is often denied.

DID YOU KNOW: Cuba is a comprised of more than 4,000 islands and cays*
* a cay is a low bank or reef of coral, rock, or sand.

This month you are helping to support the Baptist Convention of Eastern Cuba (BCEC)

Partner since 1995
BCEC works primarily in the towns and villages of Eastern Cuba. Using holistic development, BCEC meet the needs of these communities through a variety of areas including:
  • Church Planting
  • Bible Training
  • Children’s Programs
  • Senior’s Home
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Camp
  • Agricultural Farm (to help sustain other Programs)
Next month we will share with you a story from Cuba and the impact that BCEC has in the communities there. Thank you once again for your partnership!

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