February: Brazil

  • Capital: Brasilia
  • Population: 220.4 million (2013)
  • Main Language: Portuguese
  • Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant


Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Summer Olympic games


Brazil is a complex country with big cities as well as remote fisherman villages along its coast and remote tribal villages deep in the interior of the Amazon. These remote people groups are isolated, impoverished and lack access to basic necessities including:


This month you are helping to support our partner in Brazil called the Evangelical Mission for Assistance to Fisherman (EMAF)

Partner since 1986

EMAF is moved by sharing the hope and love of Christ with the people in these villages and do so through community development. EMAF provides:

  • Literacy Training
  • Mobile Clinics: medical and dental
  • Children Centres
  • Church Planting and Discipleship

Working tirelessly for many years, EMAF and their incredible team has successfully made contact with nearly all the fishing villages in Brazil. They are currently planning on moving to their next phase of ministry: ministering to the 33,000 remote, unreached riverside communities up the Amazon and its tributaries.

PLEASE PRAY as they work together with other like-minded organizations to share the love of Christ with the unreached tribes of the Amazon.

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