February – Brazil

This month we are going to Brazil!

Capital: Brasilia
Population: 200.4 million (2013)
Main Language: Portuguese
Religions: 65% Catholic, 22% evangelical Christian, 2% Spiritist

DID YOU KNOW: Brazil was named after the brazilwood tree, and is the only country to be named after a tree.

This month you are helping Brother Henrique, a national worker with CONPLEI in Brazil as he serves the people of the Amazon.

CONPLEI (Consejo Nacional de Pastores y Lideres Evangelicos)
Translated “The National Board of Indigenous Pastors and Leaders of Brazil”
Partner since 2009

CONPLEI is groundbreaking in that is completely indigenous made up of hundreds of tribal missionaries who travel deep into the Amazonian river systems to share the gospel and develop ‘authentically indigenous churches’ among the remote and unreached tribes along the river.

Traveling by themselves with only a motorized canoe they set off for weeks at a time to show God’s love to them.  CONPLEI is involved in recruiting new missionaries, theological training, holistic care of individuals and communities, and increasing sustainability and capacity of the mission.  They also exist to represent indigenous evangelical churches on relevant issues with civil society and public authorities, in addition to safeguarding, defending and claiming indigenous rights.

Meet Brother Henrique

Brother Henrique is the current director of CONPLEI and one of the original founders of the ministry. A well respected and revolutionary leader in the field, he pushes the current boundaries of ministry in Brazil. Born and raised in the southern regions of Brazil, Brother Henrique came to know the Lord as a boy and felt called to share the word of God with others around him. He then started sharing the gospel with tribal people who had never even heard of Jesus. With a family of four and a large team of missionaries, Brother Henrique continues to change lives each day.

“I am from a town in the Southern region of Brazil. I came to know the Lord when I was 9 years old. A few years later, I felt God calling me to ministry and I went to the Biblical Institute to prepare myself. Upon completing my studies we worked as pastors of 2 churches. We came to understand that our ministry was to train and support indigenous leaders. I was married to my wife in 1986. We met at the seminary and have two beautiful children. We have been serving in ministry for 23 years. Throughout these years, we have clearly seen the power of God on so many levels.” – Henrique


  • The Indigenous CONPLEI missionaries: that they would always be encouraged, have renewed strength to continue evangelizing, and would remain safe and healthy 
  • Wisdom and direction from God 
  • Continuity in the ministry we have initiated
  • For the students
  • For the trainings, and that training supplies would be provided

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