December: Pakistan

This month we are going to Pakistan!

Capital: Islamabad
Population: 201.9 million
Language: Punjabi, Urdu, English
Religions: 96.4% Muslim, 3.6% Christian and Hindu

DID YOU KNOW: More than 50% of the World’s Soccer balls are made in Pakistan!

This month you are helping Brother M, a national worker from our partner, ChrisFon.

Partner since 2007

ChrisFon works among the Pashtun people of Northern Pakistan. The rugged mountain region has been a notoriously hostile place and deeply suspicious of outsiders. With constant tension, corruption and natural disasters many not only live in poverty but in danger of being exploited and persecuted harshly for their beliefs. ChrisFon focuses their projects to those most vulnerable including women, children, Muslim converts and bonded labourers (a form of slavery where people work for extremely low wages to pay off generational debts) in brick kilns and agriculture.

Ministry among the people of Northern Pakistan relies on relationships built on a foundation of honesty and practical need. Through evangelism and a variety of programs offered to the communities, such as:

  • Church Planting
  • Skills Training
  • Microfinance Programs
  • Children’s Programs

Meet Brother M

Brother M is a national worker at ChrisFon who is sharing the love of God through community development. His heart is deeply burdened for the lost and the broken. He runs poverty alleviation programs that create opportunities to share God’s love to unreached peoples, and cares for persecuted believers.

“I come from a very poor family. My parents were illiterate working-class people. All through my youth Christians helped us. Because of this, I am indebted to God and also burdened to serve less privileged people… I am thankful to the many foreign missionaries that came here and put up schools and hospitals… It motivates me to do as much Christian work as possible. That’s what keeps me going…The church at large is failing to engage the real needs of the lost in Pakistan. I have tried to be as close to the church as possible and help its leadership realize there are many things that need the attention of the church. This includes the courage to protect, disciple and engage persecuted [believers] and provide holistic care of people outside the church system. It includes providing justice and help for the countless number of poor and oppressed. In time, God enabled me to start ChrisFon to meet all these needs. Today, it is possible that ChrisFon gives care to more persecuted believers than any other network in Pakistan.“


  • For workers like Brother M, for their safety and health
  • For administrative help
  • plans for organizing various training programs
  • Meetings with the pastors that are planned for this year
  • Pray for the new believers. Pray for their protection, development and their social needs.
  • For safety and health of the workers

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