Cuba – Story of Community Transformation

People crowd outside the church for the inauguration ceremony

People crowd outside the church for the inauguration ceremony

A miracle of God’s grace is taking place in Baire, Cuba where Victor, one of the tireless and enthusiastic leaders of our partner ministry serves. Since the revolution, it has been virtually unheard of for a church to get permission to build a dedicated place of worship in Cuba. In a bold move, Victor and his congregation tore the old church down to rebuild something that could house their growing congregation. With no resources in sight the people began to work to see a new church built. By December 2015 the rebuilt church was finished and more than one thousand people from Baire came to the inauguration of the new building. Inside the building were more than seven hundred people. There are churches all over Cuba where people crowd outside like at Victor’s to see what God is doing.

Victor is the director of a Christian Camp which together we at Partners International supports. Many of the new believers have come from outreach events at the camp. Victor’s church is planting many churches in the area and they are seeing many people come to know Christ as their saviour. Here is another story of how the church in Cuba is changing communities: 

His community was known as the worst area in town. It was so rampant with crime and gangs that the police refused to go into the community for fear of getting hurt or killed. Two big gangs controlled the area and they were constantly fighting with the other gangs.

Despite the dangers the pastor decided to move into the community and start a church. Several members from the one gang began coming to programs the church started in the community. Over time these gang members became members of the Church and committed their lives to Christ.

Today these individuals make up the leadership of the Church and are continually working to change their town. The police have come to the pastor to ask him how his change happened which has opened up opportunities for the pastor to share the change that Christ can make.

The police are still amazed to see the difference that has taken place after the church was planted. What was once known as a dangerous place is now a place of peace.

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