Brazil: The beautiful partnership of Medical Care and the Gospel

BY: EMAF Worker, Brazil

Mrs. Antônia is a warrior. Mother of seven children, always fishing shrimp for survival. Her husband passed away last year and she now, more than ever, continues to fight for the survival of her family.

Recently, she heard that our partner, EMAF’s health team was visiting a nearby village. So she set out at dawn with her children in order to be attended to. At the EMAF clinic she was well received. Mrs. Antônia was able to see the dentist, a doctor and receive free medication, while the smaller children took part in a kids program. Mrs Antônia and her family were touched by this great, loving and efficient team that came a long way from Rio de Janeiro  – Southeastern Region of Brazil.

EMAF Brazil Mobile Teams, Barco Rei Salomão Afuá Batismo

EMAF often runs programs like this which takes a large team of volunteers to remote, impoverished areas and provides mobile clinics and training programs. On this particular occasion about 450 children were assisted, 22 leaders were trained for child ministry, and 1355 people were assisted. 

Three months later, during a boat trip from Afuá to Macapá, I sat down next to Mrs Antônia. 

After chatting with her a while I asked her, “Do you know EMAF? 

She immediately answered, “I do know it. I was there when the doctors came and I was very well assisted.” 

Then I asked:  “Do you know why they came to Afuá?” 

“No!” she answered. 

At this moment I was able to tell her about the Love of God for her. She understood the message of salvation and there on the boat we prayed and she confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Please continue to pray for Mrs Antônia and her family as they grow in faith and that they would be encouraged. Also remember the workers and volunteers of EMAF in Brazil as they sacrificially serve the people on the coast of Brazil and now venture into the Amazon working in partnership with other organizations to reach people with the Gospel there.

EMAF Brazil base, Doce Lar MARÉ CHEIA

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