April: China


  • Capital: Beijing
  • Population: 1.357 billion (2013)
  • Main Language: Mandarin
    • About 70% of Chinese speakers use a Mandarin dialect. However, there are approximately 298 languages still spoken throughout China.
  • Major Religions: Non-Religious*, Buddhism
    • *Many follow the Chinese philosophy (not considered a religion) which includes the three teachings referring to the combination and harmony of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism


China is home to The Great Wall, a structure that was continuously built from the 3rd century BC to the 17th century AD on the northern border of the country as a military defense project of a succession of Chinese Empires. The Great Wall is more than 20,000 kilometers long!

Did you also know that Partners International started in China!? It’s true! Back in the 1940’s a group of businessmen met with a missionary to China and learned about how effective local Chinese evangelists were in sharing the Gospel. And the decision was made: Partners International (CNEC at the time) was born and the first partnership was formed with a gifted Chinese evangelist, Calvin Chao, and his “preaching bands” that took the Gospel into China’s interior. At the time, the idea of supporting a worker in their own country was groundbreaking. Since then, that one extraordinary partnership has led to hundreds of partnerships in more than 55 countries around the world.

The country of China is huge and their needs are complex. We also have many partners working throughout China. So we thought it would be helpful if this month we focus in on one partner and on one area in particular: The reality of HIV and AIDS in China

According to official reports the number of people with HIV/AIDS in China is approximately 780,000. While most believe this estimate to be far too low, no one knows for sure the accurate infection rate.

Specifically in the Northwestern region of China the infection rate of HIV/AIDS is growing at a rapid rate.

Many extremely poor migrant workers call this area home and are forced to live in areas called “city villages,” essentially slums, where housing is more affordable. These migrant workers are at high risk of infection.

This month you are helping the work of:
Ribbon Ministries, China
Partner since 2009

Ribbon Ministries provides care for the disadvantaged and marginalized of Northwestern China, with a special focus on HIV/AIDS patients and migrant workers. They have also mobilized more than 400 volunteers toward HIV care and outreach. Ribbon is the only Chinese-led NGO with approval from the government to serve the HIV community.

Ribbon serves the community holistically in a variety of ways, including:

PLEASE PRAY: Ribbon faces many challenges serving God in the context of China. There are a lot of regulations and limitations. Please pray that they may help the people they serve spiritually as well as physically and psychologically.


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