A Story from Peru

Last month you helped our partner Eduardo, president of MINAP, a ministry in Peru. Here are some words from him:

I thank you friends who accompany us with your PRAYERS, because you are the ones that sustain us and give us spiritual strength, in this great challenge that the Lord Jesus has given us. Many thanks for the spiritual and economic support to the Missionary Work!

One of our missionaries recently returned to a community after a few years. His memory of the village was of how filthy it was. It was full of alcoholics and drug addicts. The children were dirty and the houses in disrepair. This visit he was amazed. Everything was different. It was clean, there was no sign of drugs, houses were nicely painted and the children looked happy and clean. “What happened here?” he asked.  His friend answered, “The people received the Gospel and it changed the community. The people are following the way of the missionary.”  Our organization, MINAP is an agent of transformation.

I am both humbled and very happy to be President of MINAP. I have great trust in Partners International as a partner. And I am relying on God’s wisdom and understanding to lead. The mission requires a lot of dedication. I need to live out the vision, mission, and values of MINAP every day. MINAP has an opportunity to do a wonderful work among the indigenous peoples. I look forward to seeing the dreams God has given us become a reality by His power.


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