A Story from Pakistan – Brother M

Thank you for your support and prayers last month! In the month of December, you helped Brother M as he works with families to get out of debt and live a more fulfilled and sustainable life. Brother M’s identity is hidden for his safety because he risks his life each day to share the love of Jesus with others in his community.

In Pakistan, a Hindu tribal community called the “Marwari” are extremely poor, landless and illiterate.  As a result, Marwari families and communities are exploited, trapped in poverty and rarely have access to education.

Leena and her husband are members of the Marwari tribal community and have eight children. In the past, her husband borrowed money from their landlord to meet their family’s emergency needs. However, the interest from the loan compounded quickly and soon the family found themselves falling deeper and deeper into long-term debt that they could not get out of.  Brother M helped Leena’s family through small loans to help them start a business while teaching them basic saving skills. Leena and her husband were able to generate income from this money and pay off their loan to the landlord and have some savings left over. Unfortunately, Leena’s husband has passed away, but she is so thankful to God for the help that her family has received from the workers like Brother M. She says, “We are thankful to God and we are now in a much better position financially”

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