A story from Lebanon

In the month of August, you helped children like Mohammad (story below) feel welcomed and loved through supporting the Oasis program run by the Free Evangelical Fellowship of Lebanon (FEAL), our partner in Lebanon.

In Lebanon, refugee families are often shunned and feel like outsiders by the local community. In an attempt to correct this, FEAL has launched a program called Oasis that helps Syrian families in Lebanon receive support and love.

Meet Mohammad

Mohammad is a new kid at Oasis. He is 13 years old.  Mohammad and another boy at the program didn’t like each other and fought a lot. One day, while playing football, Mohammad came to a teacher at Oasis and said this boy hit him, “Can you please tell him to stop?” So the teacher called the boy over. When he came over, he told the teacher that he does not like Mohammad because he hits kids, he says bad words and he smokes. The surprise was the answer of Mohammad. He told the boy, “Well you know that I was able to hit you back but I didn’t. The reason why I didn’t is because Jesus changed my heart and I know he does not want me to do all these things. So I stopped doing these things and now I live my life for Jesus.”

Transformation is happening in the lives of many children and families who attend the Oasis program because of the love and dedication of the FEAL staff. Thank you for your help and prayers this past month for all that is going on in Lebanon.

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