A Story from Brazil – from Henrique, our local partner and worker on the ground

We have seen the mighty hand of God supporting the work of each missionary. There are many challenges, one of which is the size and remoteness of our mission field. The Brazilian Amazon is very big. Reaching distant communities far from civilization requires great effort.  Missionaries travel alone by small boats [pictured right]. To cover these distances which may take weeks at a time is very costly. Fuel and food have to be brought from far away with high transportation costs.

Dozens of trips and visits were made to the communities that are close to local rivers its tributaries. The visits were to encourage the believers who already exist there and strengthen the leaders in each community. Many of them with no support for their ministry, serving the Lord with much interest and love for the work.

Five years ago, Shapu a young adult from the Matis ethnicity, came to the city with the purpose of studying. He had no knowledge of life in the city. His Portuguese was poor and he did not know the Gospel, making him vulnerable to the bad influences of the city. He was accepted to be supported by the CONPLEI support house and was given a place to stay, food, and advice regarding life in the city. After 5 years in the city, Shapu rejoiced that he overcame all the danger of the city. He is studying hard, he is proud to be from the Matis culture. He is now a follower of Christ. During his vacation, he decided to go back to his village to visit his parents and at the same time to tell his tribal people about the message and love of God. Shapu said that his extended family was impressed with the message of the Gospel and his good testimony of a healthy life. Now, he is very interested in continuing to listen to the word of God and sharing more with his community back home.


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