A Story from Bangladesh

Last month you have helped the ministry of Leor and the Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship (BBCF)!

Through your help, we were able to provide a good environment through our children’s homes for the total growth of impoverished, lower cast, untouched, ethnic and tribal children. You helped to provide a safe and healthy environment for children like Tanay (story below) to grow and develop physically, mentally and spiritually. Additionally, the home provides assistance to help children at the homes receive excellent guidance in their schoolwork by tutors and as a result, they are performing well academically. The Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship is working to take care of and provide for these children, ensuring a brighter and stronger future for them with your help.

Meet Tanay

Tanay is a boy at one of BBCF’s four homes. His family are now Christians. As day labourers, his parents were not able to maintain and supply the minimum needs for their children. They were going through great difficulties as poverty struck the family. Tanay had no opportunity to go school when he was in the village. However, Tanay got the opportunity to come to the Home a few years ago through their local Pastor. After coming to the Home, a new and precious season began in his life. He was able to receive nutritious food, clothes, medical treatment and educational materials in a Christian environment. He also made many new friends. His favourite subject is English and Geography. He has learnt how to read and write, how to lead a disciplined life and how to help others. He loves to participate in Sunday school activities and songs. He says “I want to be a Gospel preacher and reveal the Light of Christ in the village areas because there are many tribes who do not know the Gospel yet”.

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