Restore a Girl Rescued from the Sex Trade

Anahita is a 15-year-old girl who grew up in a community in India where human trafficking is rampant. Anahita was pushed into the commercial sex trade by her mother so she could live off of her earnings. She was rescued, which also led to the arrest of her mother.

A timid girl by nature, Anahita was placed in an aftercare home run by one of our local partners. In the beginning, she would stay by herself and not engage in any of the programs. Gradually, with help from her caseworkers, she showed interest in education as well as other activities and expressed a deep concern for her younger sister’s safety, since she found out her mother was out on bail. Through a letter she wrote to the Police, her sister, who was also forced into the sex trade by their mother, was rescued and placed in the same home as Anahita. With the grace of God, both girls were able to testify against their mother before the Court of Law.

Anahita is currently in grade 9 and is a role model to the other girls at the home. She is motivated by her deep desire to give her siblings a good life – a life of hope and freedom.

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