August: Lebanon

This month we’re going to Lebanon!


  • Capital: Beirut
  • Population: 4.467 million (2013)
  • Main Languages: Arabic
  • Major Religions: 54% Muslim, 5.6% Druze, 40% Christian


DID YOU KNOW: Lebanon is the only Arab country that has no desert. 

This month you are …

A story from Northern India

This month you helped over 400 students get an education at Cornerstone School.

Where most needed goes to a partner and project in need. This month that need was Cornerstone School. Our partner called Duars Rural Development Program runs a …

July: Home Base

Happy Canada Day!

This month we are travelling to our home base in Canada.

Capital: Ottawa
Population: 35.16 million (2013)
Main Languages: English and French
Major Religions: Christian, No Religion and Islam


Canada holds the record for …

A Story from Nigeria

Reach a mother and you have reached an entire family

Meet Hope Umune.

“Reach a man, and you have reached an individual,” says Hope Umune, “Reach a mother, and you have reached an entire family.”

Hope is the wife of …

June: Nigeria

This month we’re travelling to NIGERIA!

  • Capital: Abuja
  • Population: 173.6 million (2013)
  • Main Languages: English is the official language
  • However, they also have a number of indigenous languages especially in the rural areas of Nigeria
  • Major Religions: Christian and Muslim
  • May: Kenya

    This month we’re travelling to KENYA!

    Capital: Nairobi
    Population: 44.35 million (2013)
    Main Languages: Swahili and English (they also have a number of indigenous languages)
    Major Religions: Christian and Muslim


    Kenya was named after Mount Kenya …

    Report from China

    With your help we were able to provide digital Bibles in the form of MP3 Players to remote villages in the poor mountain areas. The digital Bibles brought much encouragement to the people in this area.

    Ribbon Ministries went to …

    April: China


    • Capital: Beijing
    • Population: 1.357 billion (2013)
    • Main Language: Mandarin
    • About 70% of Chinese speakers use a Mandarin dialect. However, there are approximately 298 languages still spoken throughout China.
  • Major Religions: Non-Religious*, Buddhism
    • *Many follow the Chinese philosophy (not considered a