Help Provide Health Care for an Entire Village

In Peru, many tribal people lack access to proper health care. Many end up in hostels in the city fighting to survive and waiting and hoping to be taken care of.Our local partner in Peru helps support the sick in one of these hostels:

“We pray for them and sometimes we help them with pills or medicines that we distribute to help them. While we were praying, one women named Norma started crying. First we thought that she was in pain, so when we finished praying I asked her if anything was hurting. Norma replied, ‘No, I am not in pain. I feel God is helping me through you missionaries. If you wouldn’t have come, I would have died. I know God sent you to save my life and my health. Before the pain wouldn’t leave me, but now I’m recovering my health. I know God has a plan for my life. When I go back to the my community I will teach my children.’ She received Jesus as her Saviour and her testimony gave a lot of strength to other people. Please pray for Norma.”

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