Hannah’s Story

My name is Hannah, and I am 13 years old.

In grade four, while engaged in competitive sports, I realized just how fortunate I was to be able to easily quench my thirst with clean water. I knew that millions of people experienced the same sort of thirst but without the luxury of access to clean water. My desire to help these people turned into a passion and I began to look for ways to help them even if I was young.

Through Partners International’s Hope in Action catalogue, I saw a “Repair a Well” project for $1000 which, while substantial, seemed achievable. I made and sold ornaments to friends and relatives and asked for donations instead of birthday gifts.

Last year I reached my goal of raising $1000. I then decided to go for a bigger goal of building a well for $5,500. This time, I chose card-making as a way to raise funds, selling them wherever the opportunity presents itself such as at Markham’s Youth Expo.

I am blessed to have friends who have helped me by assisting in making cards, accompanying me to sell cards around the neighbourhood and at events, or by promoting the cards to their friends. I have almost reached my goal and feel blessed to be able to have the experience of, as one friend put it, “changing the world one card at a time.”

Water is the most essential human need. When our partners and the churches they lead help to provide water to the communities where they live and serve, they can help their entire community to thrive. Access to clean water ensures better health for the entire community, allows young girls to go to school rather than collect water and keeps young girls and women safe from long walks to water sources. When churches and Christian ministries provide clean water to communities, it opens the door to share about the love of Jesus with their village.

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