Give a goat

“My name is ‘M*’ and I am 62 years old. My profession was a labourer on daily wages. I used to lift bricks to the mason. I have three daughters and one son. Two years I was hit by a car and got severe hip fracture which put me in bed for six months. After that, I was unable to do any kind of work. We are a poor family, so it became hard for me to feed my family. One day I heard about a goat bank project through our village church committee. So I was given one pregnant goat to care for. Now I have four goats. I returned the first mother goat to Dariya and sold one goat for 10,000 rupees. Presently I have a bank of four goats, which not only provide us milk but give me in my disability my own small business. I am planning to raise more goats so I can save some money for my daughter’s wedding.”  – Central Asia, *name protected for security reasons

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