Empowering Women and Children

Ruhi* lived in a slum area of Kolkata, India with her mother and younger brother. Her father had abandoned them leaving Ruhi’s mother to be the only breadwinner of the family. With her mother working most days, Ruhi was alone and her uncle started abusing her sexually and threatened to kill her brother if she ever told anyone. Scared of her Uncle, Ruhi kept the incident secret from her mother.

One day when Ruhi’s grandmother came to visit her and witnessed her being sexually assaulted. Immediately, she called the neighbours for help. Ruhi’s grandmother filed a complaint at the local police station and got him arrested. Ruhi was placed in multiple homes and was struggling to adjust. She ran away from one house with another resident. Ruhi was rescued by the Kolkata Police and placed in our partner’s home called: Mahima.

The staff members and counsellors at the Mahima Home helped Ruhi to stabilize and provided her with the necessary psycho-social care through therapy. Ruhi was able to continue with her education and participate in several sports and dance competitions. In April 2019, Ruhi received justice! Her perpetrator was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for sexual abuse.

The staff at Mahima work tirelessly to rehabilitate and restore young lives in India. As a result of their special care, re-trafficking rates are very low, and convictions of perpetrators are high in comparison to other homes throughout India. These programs make a real difference in the lives of rescued young girls.

Thousands of young women and children are trafficked each year. Once rescued, girls remain vulnerable and broken. Good rehabilitation helps to heal their souls, protect them from being re-trafficked, and provide a safe and loving environment for them to experience the love of God, learn essential life skills and even return to school. Your gift provides shelter, care, food, counselling, and training for a rescued girl.

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