Building the Church

Govind is Konda Dora by tribe. He just graduated from our 11-month training program. He has a calling to work among the Kodhu and Konda Dora people groups as he knows both dialects. While he was in training, Govind would take his fellow students to a region that is 45 km from the training centre for gospel outreach. We have a leader currently working in that area named David. After graduation, Govind joined David to work among these groups.

David, the senior missionary had difficulty accessing these villages as there was some ethnic tension. The people in these villages never allowed anyone to share the gospel there.

However, Govind has a gift for storytelling. He is fantastic with tribal people, who are naturally auditory learners. Govind began praying for five particular villages around the region. Through the extraordinary grace of God and Govind’s storytelling ability, he was able to start two Bible study groups there.

Each time he goes to the villages, he interacts with people, and they are excited and eager to listen. Each story group has around 20-25 listeners. Govind shares stories of healing from the Bible and the miracles of Jesus. Then he asks the group if they want this kind of divine intervention. They always say, “Yes!” Then Govind leads them in prayer, and their hearts are opened to ask for God’s intervention. They call on the Lord to show His hand in their lives. The Bible stories come alive as the Lord responds to their prayers with wonders. Many among these tribes are turning to the risen Saviour.

Govind plans to open two more story groups. In the last four years, our students have started 65 sister churches in the interior tribal regions of India, in addition to their 723 Bible study groups.

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