Partners International Canada has a growing depth of knowledge and best practice in creating and measuring social change. We carry out international programs through over 110 carefully selected agencies around the world.

We identify dedicated indigenous leaders with whom we can forge a shared vision. Then we enter into agreements with their organizations to reach their communities. Our intentional and exclusive focus on partnering for 50 years with cutting-edge indigenous initiatives has powerful outcomes. Today we have a vast global network of brilliant practitioners and thought leaders in Christian holistic development.

We are committed to best practice and are fully compliant will all CRA regulations. As such, we must have direction, control and supervision over the funds contributed, though we do not exercise control over the local partner itself (nor do we wish to). Each local partner is an independent organization with visionary local leadership.

We invite you to learn about our work and consider supporting these effective partnerships that are bringing the Good News of Jesus into remote and poor places.

As people of faith, we want to reach out with the hands of Jesus to touch people in need, bringing health, justice, and economic hope to their communities. And we want to be the voice of Jesus, sharing the message of freedom and love that transforms lives for today and for eternity.

We serve in a world of disparity where a comparative few enjoy education, prosperity and freedom from preventable disease. Today, for example, someone living in Zambia has less chance of reaching age 30 than someone born in England in 1840—and the gap is widening.

The work of Partners International Canada is focused on those places where this gap is widest. Places where a small investment can bring transformation to people in need. We are looking for business people and business places to realize what happens when we take the potential of every employee and connect them directly to the people working on the issues they are passionate about and challenge them to be the social change. We can help your employees realize greater impact with their giving through strengthening indigenous leadership and enriching the social sector of a remote community. It’s a catalytic investment.

If improving an impoverished community is part of your company’s life journey then we want you to partner with us and realize that mission through our indigenous partners. We are seeking to catalyze significant, long-term positive social change by creating communities of informed and inspired donors. We are seeking meaningful contributions by organizations willing to share skills, time and financial resources and those who are inspired beyond borders.

We all need to build long-term capacity to fulfill missions. We are looking for new resources and innovative approaches for addressing a variety of issues and are focusing on increasing the ability of each of our partners.

Partners International offers your business an opportunity to partner with national Christians who can connect you with one village in the developing world. As you walk with your global neighbours, you can help share the love of God in word and deed. 

Case Study

Foundation Distributing’s relationship with Partners International began quite simply through their Hope in Action gift catalogue. Upon receiving it, we, as a company, decided we wanted to use money accumulated during our annual Christmas Card and Postage Sales Program, to purchase bicycles for pastors in India. Read More...

By becoming a social change partner, you and your company will:

  • Provide compassionate care for people living in poverty
  • Serve the poor and help meet their physical needs
  • Set clear partnership goals
  • Sponsor one or two national workers who will minister in the village you have adopted
  • Support children to receive education
  • Provide transportation, leadership training, food programs or other small community development projects
  • Establish regular communication and accountability between your business and the community with which you partner
  • Receive an annual formal report 
  • Also receive updates that may take the form of slide shows, video presentations, conference calls 
  • Have an opportunity to visit the village you are supporting
  • Plan for sustainability and an exit strategy:

Your commitment lasts 3 to 5 years and helps build the capacity of the new outreach to support itself. A plan for financial phase-out will be established by the midpoint of your partnership. At the end of your commitment, we encourage you to adopt another village.

Supporting the Social Change Program can help meet your corporate objectives through the following ways:

Adopting a Village builds your profile as a good corporate citizen.

  • Demonstrating to your staff that your company cares and is making a global impact.
  • Being a part of a group of organizations supporting Partners International
  • Highlighting your company’s commitment to the pillar or issue you support through marketing materials and web-based communication.
  • Highlighting international work as your differentiated competitive advantage.
  • Engaging your employees and their families through a unifying cause

Partners International is committed to working with you no matter how big or how small your business and provide for you a customized social change program to help you and your staff reach your philanthropic goals.

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