June: Nigeria

Capital: Abuja
Population: 188 million (2015) 
Main Languages:  English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba (they also have a number of indigenous languages)
Major Religions: Christian and Muslim


Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with a population of 162.5 million …

May – Kenya

Capital: Nairobi
Population: 44.35 million (2013)
Main Languages: Swahili and English (they also have a number of indigenous languages)
Major Religions: Christian and Muslim


Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Kipchoge Keino of Kenya (1968, 1972) grew up running …

A story from China


Last month you helped our partners Brother and Sister A* in China.

Through supporting Brother and Sister A last month, families like Mr. H’s (story below) were provided with water! Hear the story from Brother A:

We wish all of …

April – China


  • Capital: Beijing
  • Population: 1.357 billion (2013)
  • Main Language: Mandarin
  • About 70% of Chinese speakers use a Mandarin dialect. However, there are approximately 298 languages still spoken throughout China.
  • Major Religions: Non-Religious*, Buddhism
    • *Many follow the Chinese philosophy (not considered a

    A Story from Peru

    Last month you helped our partner Eduardo, president of MINAP, a ministry in Peru. Here are some words from him:

    I thank you friends who accompany us with your PRAYERS, because you are the ones that sustain us and give …

    March – Peru

    This month we are going to Peru!

    • Capital: Lima
    • Population: 30,741,062
    • Language: Spanish, Quechua
    • Religions: 94% Christian, 3% other, 3% none


    Peru is home to the world’s highest lake, Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border between Peru …

    February – Brazil

    This month we are going to Brazil!

    Capital: Brasilia
    Population: 200.4 million (2013)
    Main Language: Portuguese
    Religions: 65% Catholic, 22% evangelical Christian, 2% Spiritist

    DID YOU KNOW: Brazil was named after the brazilwood tree, and is the only country to …

    A story from Cuba – Ricardo

    Cuba stands at a pivotal point in history. Our partner, the Baptist Convention of Cuba recognizes that local churches are being planted but not established. They have introduced the church-based training program of lay-leaders to ensure enough spiritual leadership is …