Give a Bible in a Local Language

“I am very thankful to receive the Bible. Our ministry leader use to tell me stories. Now I can read the stories about Jesus on my own. I am feeling very happy to know more about Jesus. I love him …

Arsenic-proof tube well for a community

A church was planted in rural Bangladesh. A pastor couple from our local partner has been nurturing the church and serving the village, which is situated in an arsenic contaminated area.  Among the three neighbouring villages, there was no deep

Give a Student a Scholarship

The scholarship fund in Northern India has helped 16 students to move ahead with their education. Two female students had almost given up their studies after grade 8. In India, girls are neglected and boys are given more privileges.


Care for a Refugee Child

Our partner in Lebanon has faithfully been serving the Syrian Refugees with a special focus on women and children. They recently held a camp in one of their locations and 50 children came to it. A little girl named Darine

June: Nigeria

Capital: Abuja
Population: 188 million (2015) 
Main Languages:  English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba (they also have a number of indigenous languages)
Major Religions: Christian and Muslim


Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with a population of 162.5 million …